Customer service

All-inclusive customer service has become natural in today’s world. Even after commissioning, our clients expect LIPPERT to ensure the smooth running of the systems and to offer or coordinate all the associated services necessary, from a single source.

Classic services (hotline, replacement parts, maintenance, remote services etc.) also need to be complemented with additional consultations and the closely coordinated exchange of information in order to ultimately live up to the end customer’s expectations.


  • Clients concentrate on their core competencies and desire full service packages from a single source (hotline, replacement parts, maintenance etc.)
  • Clients expect their installations to last a long time
  • Clients expect short reaction times
  • Clients expect competent and professional service round the clock

Solutions by LIPPERT

  • LIPPERT 24/7 Hotline
  • LIPPERT online ticketing System
  • LIPPERT online platform for ordering and managing replacement parts
  • LIPPERT on-site service (from regular servicing and maintenance to emergency support cases)