Update New Building – January 2021

Inside the Innovation Hall, work is diligently carried out on the dry construction for the offices. Installation work is in progress for the premises, as well as for the elevator.…

Update New Building – December

The interior construction in our innovation hall is moving on. The preparations for the drywall installation started already. The assembly cranes have been installed and the assembly container was painted.…

Update New Building – October

The offices in our production hall are ready. The staretower in our innovation hall has been constructed and the shaft for the elevator was installed. Outside we are about to…

Update New Building – September 2020

The windows for our new innovation hall had been mounted in august. Also the roof work is finished by now. Currently we are working on the interior construction. The concrete…

Update New Building – July 2020 part 2

The exterior facade of our new innovation hall is mounted. Also the roof of the hall is laid. Within the next days the isolation of the roof will follow.

Update New Building – July 2020

In the meantime the steel construction has been completed. Parts of the subceiling had been mounted also as parts of the exterior facade.

Update New Building – June 2020

The steel construction of the innovation hall is making rapid progress. At the same time the preparatory work for the street and access-road had started.

Update New Building – Mai 2020

Currently we are about to extend the ground area of our new company site. Also the base area of our new innovation hall was already prepared for the next steps.…

Update New Building – November 2019

Concreting of the floor of the wood chips bunker. Concreting of the bunker completed. The construction workers tarred the new roads along the building.  

Update New Building – September 2019

heating house with installed gate preparing the ground for the hall of innovations first machines have been delivered excavation for the truck weigh Station      

Update – New Building

The interior construction is in full progress. Even between the Christmas holidays and New Year’s the colleagues of the company ‘Earthworks and transports Schug’ worked intensively on the completion of…

Update – New Building

Current construction progress: the first part of the bottom plate has been concreted the steel construction will be completed today the roof of the boiler house will be completed by…

Update New Building

The steel structure for 2/3 of the hall is complete. You wonder how it looks inside the hall? This way, please: video construction progress 30.10.2018  

Update – New Building

Things are making progress! After forest clearance (1st construction stage) and pulling out the rootstocks, the leveling works for the new assembly hall could be started. Set-up of the rain…

Road works

The road works at our new premises in Eschenbach have been started. The first clearly visible changes of the areal can be seen here.

Lippert mammoth project

Source: https://www.onetz.de/oberpfalz/eschenbach/erste-plaene-fuer-lippert-mammutprojekt-id2414229.html Mineral concrete towers up at the city forest of Eschenbach. One truck after the other brings filling material in order to compact the sandy ground of our future…