LIPPERT’s proven and high-performance classic with over 10,000 installations — a true multi-talent of the top category!

The Rota-Sorter® manages a wide range of items at very high speed on a single line — and does so extremely gently thanks to unique discharging technology. It allows practically anything to be sorted, and in large quantities.

The package sizes it can process ranges from light, flat items starting at 120 x 60 x 5 mm all the way to large packages measuring up to 1,200 x 800 x 800 mm and a weight of up to 31.5 kg. The Rota-Sorter® can process up to 5,000 items per hour on one line. But there’s more: The Rota-Sorter® can be expanded to up to three lines above each other, such that peak values of up to 15,000 items per hour can be reached.


  • Protecting items and the environment
  • Utilizing simple technologies for complex requirements
  • Cost efficiency from start to finish

Solutions by LIPPERT

  • Available as a single, double, and triple sorter
  • Performance: Mixed goods: up to 15,000 items per hour
  • Allows the sorting of bags, packages, and boxes
  • In all popular weight and size segments
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to high energy efficiency
  • Minimal pressure applied; dynamic sorting
  • Rapid, reliable discharging
  • Gentle on items
  • Flexible modular design