New energy and drive concepts, as well as new approaches in control equipment, make it necessary to constantly re-examine existing technology.

LIPPERT offers smart solutions for optimizing, overhauling, and improving existing installations — solutions which impact ongoing operations as little as possible.


  • Existing installations cannot or should not be replaced, and hence need to be optimized
  • Many installations have been operating for a long time, resulting in IT and control technology becoming outdated
  • Obsolete drives are no longer energy-efficient and often require intensive maintenance
  • New safety regulations make retrofits or adjustments necessary

Solutions LIPPERT

  • Complete analysis of existing system (energy efficiency, safety, optimization potential etc.)
  • Holistic planning in collaboration with the client in order to impact ongoing operations as little as possible
  • Modular design of software and standard interfaces for easy integratability
  • LIMAS (LIPPERT Inventory Management & Asset System) as modular LIPPERT platform solution
  • Web-based operating Interface
  • Integration into virtual server environments

Retrofitting rack feeders and warehouses for a sporting goods manufacturer

Revision of drive concept, replacement of procurement-critical parts, performance optimization and the reduction of wear, increasing energy efficiency, and the revision of the control concept.