Special-purpose logistics solution for food

The LIPPERT approach

Transport boxes containing food in the baked goods industry needed to be conveyed. The following challenges had to be solved:
• Automatic sorting into single-item groups
• Subsequent transportation of transport boxes
• Pre-sorting for desired palletizing
• Single-item pallets, and
• Onward transportation

The challenges

The automatic placement of food items into single-item receptacles is, on its own, not a particular challenge. However, when these food items are handled and subsequently transported in a non-homogenous (i.e. inconsistent) manner at various locations with various characteristics, and the various new receptacles need to be stacked, this falls under „special-purpose logistics solutions“.

Solutions by LIPPERT

In order to implement the requirements in a solution-oriented manner, numerous attempts and tests were performed. When setting up the experiments, various scenarios were played out and the smooth implementation of the client’s requirements simulated. Just a few weeks later, the system was successfully put into operation on site at the client’s premises.

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