Plastic Shaping

Lippert has developed the NC-roller technology especially in the area of plastic shaping for the ceramic industry. Maintenance-free three-phase servomotors perform every movement of the vertical and the horizontal axis by means of high-precision screw ball rollers. The achieved stability of the guide ensures highest product quality. This technology was realized in a wide program of efficient rollers for every task.


The technical concept of Lippert NC-rollers allows very variable and fine adjustment possibilities, highest precision of the roller head movements, as well as exactly reproducible production processes. This means for your production

  • Best plastic shaping procedure for every specific article
  • Production of extraordinary and complicated articles
  • Reduced body thickness for very thin and fine porcelain and bone china
  • Reliable high product quality over time
  • Extremely fast retooling times, product line changes instantly
  • Simultaneous production of different products with double-head rollers


  • Single roller
  • Single and double roller with turntable
  • Carousel production line
  • Bowl, cup and plate production line
  • Extended product range (vacuum press, finishing machine, white dryer)