High pressure casting & Casting

High pressure slip casting system for cups – Type BTDG

The high pressure slip casting system „Type BTDG“ has been designed for series production of cups, including handles, in one production step, at an very high production output rate. Thanks to an in-house innovation team consisting of experts in the fields of ceramics, engineering, design and manufacturing, a further development of Lippert‘s highly successful cup pressure casting machine „Type TDG-500-20“ was designed. This further development „Type BTDG“ combines the functionality of the machine „Type TDG-500-20“ with high production output and thus enables the serial production of cups in the pressure casting process.

Compared to the standard model with an output of approx. 100 articles/h, the high pressure slip casting machine „Type BTDG“ could be optimised by a factor of four in production output and convinces with an output of up to 400 articles/h (25 cycles x 16 articles) at a total cycle time of 144 seconds, a total of 4 moulds with 4 articles per mould. An innovation is the automatic fettling machine, which can be directly attached to the pressure casting machine, enabling automatic finishing of the pressure casting seam.

The advantages

  • production of cups with handles in one production step
  • significantly higher production quantities
  • predestined for series production (infrequent article changes, high output)
  • economical article production
  • saves space thanks to its compact design
  • versatile article design possible
  • automatic fettling of all pressure-cast joints
  • excellent service by Lippert expertise team

High pressure casting

The automatic high pressure casting production, including drying and subsequent robot finishing, is designed in a simple and compact manner. This is mainly the result of using servo-controlled axes instead of hydraulics: 3 axes control the opening and closing of the mold, and another servo motor operates the slip pump. The multi-part molds are made of porous mold material. The high pressure-cast cups are automatically removed from the mold and placed in a solidifying dryer. The subsequent fully automatic cleaning is performed by a 6-axis robot using various cleaning tools. Various machine details have been registered as a patent.

The advantages

  • Freely designable molds; i.e. non-rotationally symmetrical design of cup body
  • High precision even with complicated molds
  • Cups made from a single piece of material: the usual problems of how to connect the handle to the body are eliminated
  • Fully automated solution from pressure casting to firing

Handle pressure casting

LIPPERT’s handle pressure casting method offers crucial competitive advantages regarding manufacturing costs, efficiency and flexibility. This sophisticated concept for manufacturing up to 600 ready-to-use handles per hour without manual handle seam finishing contributes to a considerable increase in productivity in cup production.

The advantages

  • Fully automated handle manufacturing from the first to the last step
  • Indirect gripping of the freshly cast handles, no softening of the handle by dissolving water during demolding, which means zero indentations on the handle surface
  • Integrated pre-drying to solidify the handles while still soft
  • Automatic finishing of the casting seam -> no „outgrowth“ of the casting seam during firing (ceramic memory). Precisely machined geometry of the handle joining surfaces, perfectly adapted to every cup diameter by automatic contour cutting
  • Simply changing the cutting blade allows you to fit the same handle to a variety of different cup bodies. No need for a new set of molds.
  • Fully automated storage on easy-to-handle batts -> zero product deformation


„Better – more flexible – more efficient“ – with this objective LIPPERT develops, designs and implements slip casting machines for the ceramic industry for more than four decades. A wide program of machines for hollow and core casting was developed in permanent and close cooperation with ceramics producers in the tableware and technical ceramics sector. The high amount of worldwide delivered machines and the excellent references prove the success of LIPPERT slip casting machines.

Lippert – your specialist for slip casting machines


  • Staff savings due to high specific services
  • Constantly high quality of the products due to the optimized automatic process of all working steps
  • High flexibility
  • Concurrent production of different articles with different solidification times from different masses
  • Fast change of solidification times
  • Fast mould changes
  • Longer service life of the plaster moulds due to careful handling and continuous mould conditioning drying

Type series

  • Tableware casting system
  • Glove mould casting system
  • Special casting System