Leading technology, constant innovation, and more than 50 years of experience in ceramics form the foundation of LIPPERT’s success in the field of systems engineering for the ceramics industry. Its list of references comprise more than 1,000 drying systems in over 40 countries. Whether it is porcelain, ceramics, refractory materials, or „new materials“, — from high-volume sanitation products to tableware, flowerpots, stove tiles, and glazed tiles to highly sensitive insulators — LIPPERT has the Know-how.

The advantages

  • Higher production quantities
  • Shorter drying times, even for sensitive products
  • Even and hence gentle drying
  • Optimal efficiency = low energy costs
  • Low breakage rates
  • Rationalization effects through freely selectable degree of automation and integration into the material flow
  • Lowering of personnel costs through automation
  • Greatest ease of operation
  • Highly flexible thanks to wide range of applications and rapid switchovers
  • Reliable reproducibility of drying results
  • Constant research and development
  • Customized systems
  • Integration into the material flow
  • Efficient routing of air flow
  • Cost-effective drying that meets the highest quality standards
  • Optimal temperature and humidity control
  • Greatest ease of operation
  • High-quality design, energy-saving systems
  • Camera system for item and position recognition
  • Dryer pallets