CEP (courier, express, and parcel services)

The field of courier, express, and parcel services has grown tremendously over the past few years due to the increase in e-commerce. CEP service providers face hard competition and require the right solutions in order to assert and expand their market shares.

Lippert offers a wide range of products and services for CEP service providers and has excellent references, for example all reputable German service providers.


  • High competitive and cost pressure among CEP service providers
  • Increased customer requirements (defined delivery times, same-/next-day delivery, real-time tracking etc.)
  • Intelligent information systems (e.g. for the flexible management of parcel flows, optimal resource utilization)

Solutions by LIPPERT

  • Comprehensive planning and project management in collaboration with the client
  • Smart Lippert order picking systems
  • Intelligent integration with ERP and IT systems
  • Ergonomic Lippert returns and packaging stations


Sorting systems at the various sites of a CEP Service Provider

The ROTA-Sorter® system processes the daily volume of parcels and bags on two different sorting lines. In order to be able to sort this volume within the very limited available time window, the highest degree of availability and flexible sorting equipment are the decisive factors of the ROTA-Sorter® system. The end points of the sub-flows are linked to each other, so that packages and bags for the same destination are once again combined.

Sorting systems an storage terminals at the various sites of a CEP service provider

In order to efficiently manage delivery along the final stretch, various parcel flows are sorted using the ROTA-Sorter®, and subsequently buffered at storage terminals. This completely decouples the sorting and loading processes, thereby minimizing waiting times for delivery drivers.