It is a „global player“ which is connected with more than 40 countries and struck roots in the Upper Palatinate within more than 60 years. Its character as independent, medium-sized and family-owned company shall be preserved. Lippert as machine building company still relies on its seat in Pressath.

At a factory visit, a delegation of the city council and the association of administrations caught up on the development and the future plans of the company situated at Boettgerstrasse since 1954. The original core business of the enterprise, domiciled in Bohemian Carlsbad before 1945, were machines and plants for the ceramic industry said member of the general management Daniel Sper. For company founder Julius Lippert, who was awarded honorary citizenship of Pressath in 1971, it was a stroke of luck that he was able to purchase a low-priced property in Pressath, close to Weiden’s porcelain factories.

Today, Lippert is one of the world’s leading companies for equipping ceramic manufacturers: “our customers are located all over Central Europa, but also in Russia, China, Vietnam, Latin America and Iran”. No matter where in the world ceramics and porcelain is produced, “we have a finger in the pie” managing director Gerold Sper illustrated the importance of the company. Second and rising business is the conveying and automation technology. Manufacturing of logistics and sorting plants for parcels, containers or pallets is a growth business due to the booming online trade. Lippert sets high value on the training of junior experts said Daniel Sper: “Traditionally, 10 to 15% of the employees are apprentices. Currently, with 41 of 248 employees they even make up 17%. “

Lippert also agitates for the extension of the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH) (East Bavarian University of Technology): “Further technical degree courses for information technology (IT) and especially control technology are urgently necessary.”

Training of young people is indispensable, since, unfortunately, it is very difficult to cover the need for qualified personnel in North Eastern Bavaria, or to convince experts, especially from the IT branch, to come to the Northern Upper Palatinate. But, we will stick with Pressath, Gerold and Daniel Sper expressed their wish: “We made good experience here and are confident that it will last.”
Mayor Werner Walberer assured them their utmost support, not least with regard to the plant expansion plans in the so-called “Ebene”. During the tour, the visitors wondered at the plants which are currently built at Lippert.