Wastewater treatment

Recovery of raw materials from ceramic wastewater

For the treatment of suspensions in the ceramics industry, the rotation filter system is available. It is better suited to the demanding requirements of this industry than all other known systems to date. This system is suited to the cleaning of wastewater from e.g. grinding, cutting, or washing procedures, as well as for the concentration of glaze or slip.

The System

Hollow, porous ceramic disks are combined to create filter units and threaded onto a hollow axis with spacers. The wastewater flows through the disks from the outside, and the filtered water is transported through the hollow space of the disk and the shaft towards the outside. The ceramic disks are kept rotating so as to prevent solids accumulating on the filter surfaces. Programmable backwashes with filtrate or fresh water results in the excellent regeneration of the filter medium.

Through a modular design, both large-scale and smaller installations can be realized.

The Advantages

  • Constantly high filter performance over long periods of time
  • Extremely long service life of filter disks
  • Various filtration levels (e.g. 2.0µ / 0.5µ / 0.2µ)
  • Automatic operation reduces personnel costs
  • Recovery and re-introduction of all materials into the processes reduces material costs
  • Reduction of wastewater costs

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